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Zulu Trade


What is Zulu?

zuluZulu trade was the worlds first mobile trading platform when they were founded in 2007.  They are no longer the only mobile trading platform but they still remain one of the most popular.  The platform developed by Zulu is used by a lot of brokers all over the world.

ZuluTrade is a trading platform that allow you to automate your trading. This can be a  very useful feature if you lack the knowledge needed to develop your own traing strategy or if you lack the time to execute your strategy.  The platform uallows you to use signals from professional Forex traders to automate your trading.  You can manage which traders you want to base your trades on.  CHosing the right traders will have a large impact on how profitable the trading platform can be.

How do I get started on Zulu?

If you want to start using ZUlu you will need to authorize them to trade for your account.  You do this by sendin gthem your name and account number.  You will also have to send them a signed copy of a Letter of Direction that they will provide you with. This document authorize them to make trade in your account.

ZuluTrade lgives you full control over your trades.  You can decide which traders to copy, the level of risk you want to expose yourself to and how many and large position you want to have open at any given time. . However, if you prefer, you can also continue manual trading in your account as well. ZuluTrade  makes it easy to chose which traders to copy by allowing you to browse them based on total returns, risk and many other factors.

zulu trading platform

Tips and Tricks of Zulu Trade

The best ZuluTrade feature is the depth of analysis with which a user can study each Signal Provider performance. With this trading platform you can find a long series of accurate data about: operational strategy, performance, and even the behavior of the Signal Provider. Zulu offers a study of each trade executed by a Signal Provider, discovering all the different trends of operation from opening to closing.

ZuluTrade focuses its policy on a refined and transparent platform. This platform puts emphasis on online sharing of statistical data, and a Signal Provider strategy, allowing followers to form their opinions on certain data, and not on others trader opinions.

Why should I use Zulu?

If you are a new user to platform trading, you can start your trading experiences with a $100,000 demo, allowing you to practice trading with assistance from Zulu’s online support team. Zulu Trade offers one of the most reliable and extensive online team of support professionals, willing to help you the new user, with questions and concerns. Having online support at the tip of your fingers helps you feel more in control of your new investments.

Youcan start trading with as little as USD100 in your account.  I recommend that you limit the amount of trades and the size of the trades that ZUlu is allowed to do at first. This will reduce the risk that you lose your money before you learn how to use the system. Zulu has an incentive sign up as well; possibly receive up to $10,000 as a welcome bonus on your first deposit.

They offer a very easy to use and user friendly interface that allow anyone to trade. This trading style helps new users feel more comfortable with putting their funds on the line in a new market.


Max Open Lots: This allows you to set the maximum number of open trades at any time.
Lots per Provider:  This is the maximum number of open trades based on the signals from a  single signal provider.
Max Lots: This is the maximum number of open trades based on the signals from a  single trader.

Advantages of Zulu Trade automatic trading:

With ZuluTrade, you can invest in a wide range of currencies, from the majors to the unusual. Through the use of CFDs, (Contract for Difference); you can also invest in a number of other instruments.

Other Special features:

Manage several trading accounts from a single workplace
Create a portfolio of your own by combining the most profitable currency pairs from different providers

A free 30-day demo account with full access to ZuluTrade service
Protect your trades with ZuluGuard
Swift and error-free signal delivery from signal provider to signal follower in real time
Monitor open positions in real time

Be part of a successful trading community
Follow and copy seasoned traders
Wide selection of leading signal providers
Ranking based on success, currency, and more
Risk management and strategy tools

Advanced Special features:

ZuluGuard: Special trading protecting software created by Zulu: notifies your account once the signal provider’s strategy changes, or once trades don’t do well.