Caribbean Exchanges sign contract with Securities Trading Technology
On Friday 18 March 2016, all software agreements were signed between South African based financial markets software provider Securities Trading Technology (STT) and... Read More >>

Uganda Securities Exchange goes live with STT's CSD and ATS solution
Securities and Trading Technology (STT), a leading African technology solution provider, is proud to announce the go-live of the USE this morning. Following a successful migration to our CSD solution, the USE went live this morning using our ATS... Read More >>

Welcome to Securities & Trading Technology

Established in 1985, Securities & Trading Technology (Pty) Ltd, or STT, has grown over the years to become a leading financial software development company, based in South Africa. We have an impressive, fast growing footprint worldwide, with extensive collective knowledge in the financial markets.

Our core products cover exchange solutions, to back office management systems, to front end trading tools.


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